Intraday Historical Prices API (V1.0)

The Intraday Historical Prices API allows you to get a list of the price for a particular stock for the current day (or the latest day of trading if markets are closed) in 5 minute intervals.

This data is perfect for generating intraday stock graphs, or performing stock analysis in near real-time.

Data for this API is updated every 5 minutes.

API Version: 1.0

API Endpoint
Queries should be sent to the following API endpoint.

Accepted Parameters
The following parameters are accepted, all should be sent to the URL via a GET variable.

api_key Required Allows us to identify the request initiator.
stock Required The stock code/ticker for the stock to look up. (eg. AAPL for Apple, Inc.)
format Optional Format of returned data. Either CSV or JSON. (Default: CSV)
order Optional Order of returned data sorted by date/time. ASC for Ascending, DESC for Decending. (Default: DESC)
include_date Optional Include the corresponding date and time of the data. True or False. (Default: True)

Example Request
A sample request URL to the Historical Data API.

Example Response
This is an example JSON response for the above example request.
   "2011-04-19 09:25":{
   "2011-04-19 09:20":{
   "2011-04-19 09:15":{
   "2011-04-19 09:10":{
   "2011-04-19 09:05":{
   "2011-04-19 09:00":{
   "2011-04-19 08:55":{
   "2011-04-19 08:50":{
   "2011-04-19 08:45":{
   "2011-04-19 08:40":{
   "2011-04-19 08:35":{
   "2011-04-19 08:30":{
   "2011-04-19 08:25":{
   "2011-04-19 08:20":{
   "2011-04-19 08:15":{
   "2011-04-19 08:10":{
   "2011-04-19 08:05":{

If you request this data outside of trading hours we follow the following rules:

If the market has just closed, we show yesterdays data. If the market is about to open, we show yesterdays data, once the market opens we'll stop showing yesterdays data and begin showing todays. If the markets aren't open on the day you request, you'll be shown the data for the last day of trading.

You'll need an API Key to use this API. If you have a Stocklytics developer account, go ahead and login to retrieve your API key. If you're not a registered developer, go ahead and sign up for free.
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