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Stocklytics Developer Center: Company Data API
Company Data API (V1.0)

The Company Data API allows you to retrieve company information about a particular stock/ticker code.

Data you can retrieve with this API:
  • Company Name
  • Sector
  • Industry
  • Traded Stock Market
  • Year of IPO
API Version: 1.0

API Endpoint
Queries should be sent to the following API endpoint.

Accepted Parameters
The following parameters are accepted, all should be sent to the URL via a GET variable.

api_key Required Allows us to identify the request initiator.
stock Required The stock code/ticker for the stock to look up. (eg. AAPL for Apple, Inc.)

Example Request
A sample request URL to the Company Data API.

Example Response
This is an example JSON response for the above example request.
   "company_name":"Apple Inc.",
   "industry":"Computer Manufacturing",

All data returned from the Company Data API is returned in a JSON encoded array.

You'll need an API Key to use this API. If you have a Stocklytics developer account, go ahead and login to retrieve your API key. If you're not a registered developer, go ahead and sign up for free.
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