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Build feature rich, fast applications and websites based around accurate stock market data. Launch in hours rather than days using the Stocklytics API.

The Stocklytics API is a powerful, low-cost RESTful API allowing you to create stock/ financial based apps and websites with data from our service. Such as historical stock price data that can be used for creating stock charts and determining trends. We also offer a company financial data API which allows your to get company information for a particular Stock Code.

In order to use the Stocklytics APIs you'll need to register for an API key, it only takes a few seconds. Sign up for an API key or Login to your Developer Account.

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Stocklytics APIs

Company Data API
Lookup public company information and data.
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Historical Stock Prices API
Get stock prices, highs, lows, opens and closes over time. (Perfect for making historical graphs/charts)
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Intraday Historical Stock Prices API
Get stock prices for todays trading at 5 minute intervals. (Perfect for intraday stock charts/graphs and analysis)
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Stock News API
Get real-time news, articles and information about a stock.
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Stock Tweets API
Get real-time Tweets and Twitter Discussions about a stock.
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